Thursday 23 April 2020


Stats show that people can sit for up to 14 hours a day sitting whilst working, watching tv, driving, eating, reading etc. We'd love to change the amount of sitting foremost, but also the way in which we sit to prevent injury.  
If your pelvis rolls backwards it makes you slouch, your whole spine goes in to a big C-shape.  
If you support your sit bones you sit up straight.  
The reason is leverage, your spine connects at the back of your pelvis, if your support drops out from under you, you collapse backwards.  
Understanding how the mechanics work you can use anything you have at hand to correct it, you can perfect your favorite spots especially 
Roll up a towel, jersey, newspaper, foam block or specific device. 
You know you’ve gone too far when it starts to tip your body forwards, just short of this is perfect. 
Lumbar Cushions 

If your pelvis is rolled backwards, due to the dip in the chair, and a lumbar support presses your spine forwards; there is a force exerted on your spine from back to front, this pressing/pressure can cause injury. Imagine a column of bricks and someone pressing the column from the side, stability is lost and the structure compromised. The unnatural curve in the spine in the image above is due solely to the lumbar support. 
Lumbar cushions increase the forces and change the direction of the gravitational force. Lumbar supports don't help our mechanics and are therefore not recommended. 
Work station ergonomics. 
    See the source image
Work is obviously where we spend the most time. The position of your chair, desk, keyboard and mouse, screen and reference material.   
Once you have your pelvis supported in your chair the rest of the ergonomics can be sorted.   
Top of Screen at eye level.  Feet supported.   
T-REX ARMS, if your elbows are tucked into your sides and you’re not reaching forwards you’re less likely to slouch forwards; keyboard and mouse should be at this range.  
Recipe book stands and clip boards make things easier than straining over a desk.  

These are principles and guidelines, if your spine is injured and bearing weight is painful in the correct positions it is an indication to seek treatment to correct the structure, to allow healing of the tissues and optimize your sitting position to prevent future injury. 
Please contact me should you have any questions or need help.